Water Coolers

Drinking water is a must for any working environment

Whether it’s for a glass of water at your desk in the office or a cup of tea in the staff meeting room, all sorts of businesses benefit from keeping staff and visitors hydrated and happy. Investing in the right water dispenser will help to keep staff focused and alert, giving a boost of health and productivity to the entire workforce.

People choose water from our dispensing systems. Not just for its superior taste, but for its purity. Our focus is on putting the finest filtered water at people’s sides. Easily accessible, beautiful to drink, and significantly enhancing personal performance. But never adding more plastic to world waste.

Our mains-fed water coolers provide an instant and constant supply of high quality drinking water, with options for chilled, sparkling or hot. With a sleek, contemporary design and minimal servicing requirements, they’re perfect for high-use locations like busy offices, schools, foyers, kitchens and more. Pure, filtered water is the end result, dispensed in style.

There’s no need to worry about installation either, our professional technicians will get things set up at a time to suit you.