Flooring & Carpet Cleaning

The benefits of professional carpet cleaning go deeper than mere appearances

Professional carpet and floor cleaning

The advantage of our professional carpet cleaning services is that we penetrate deeper than mere appearances. Carpet cleaning prolongs the life of your floor cover and prevents the accumulation of dust and other allergenic particles. Urban environments, in particular, generate a build-up of pollutants that are resistant to conventional vacuum cleaning.

Our powerful technologies penetrate to the very heart of carpets and upholstery, resulting in a clean that is as thorough as it is pleasing to the eye.

High-quality technology meets superlative carpet cleaning products

We use a variety of cleaning methods and machines for cleaning carpets and rugs, including semi-dry and full hot water extraction. We’re also extremely careful to ensure that all of our products are suitable for your flooring, conducting rigorous tests before commencing the clean.

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