Floor Protection Mats

First impressions count. Providing the correct floor protection can be vital to the image and safety in your business.

Creating a clean and safe working environment isn’t just about managing the waste associated with a specific workplace, it is about managing the dirt that affects each of us in our everyday lives. Our mats provide a vital dust control barrier and offer you a simple solution to the everyday problem of grime and moisture brought in on our footwear or simply caused by spillages and accidents in the workplace. That’s why floorcare services are integral to keeping floors clean throughout any business premises.

We know that for your busy organisation, managing the road-dirt that is an everyday part of our working lives may not be a clear priority. Floors, mats and walkways are easily overlooked when they are operating smoothly. But when poor floor care leads to a slip, trip or fall it can create a rough ride for your organisation.

Placed and serviced correctly the mats can stop over 70% of tracked in dust and moisture reducing the amount of dirt and germs brought into your workplace, helping to protect your workforce and visitors. We’ll regularly launder your mats to remove moisture, dirt and grit, and return them looking as good as new. Our aim is to help protect your floors from entrance to exits and all areas in-between.  In addition, our Logo mats are a perfect way to give a professional corporate image as soon as someone enters your building or office. 

Our mats cover every kind of business need from anti-slip mats for wet areas, such as washrooms, changing rooms and kitchens, to ‘first defence’ entrance and lift mats to stop dirt entering your building.