Why Momentum?

Our Vision

To be the cleaning & support service provider of choice across Bucks, Berks, Oxon and the surrounding area. This will be achieved by delivering an unrivalled service and an exceptional customer experience.  

Our Mission

To support, manage and inspire our staff to take pride in their work so that, by providing an exemplary service, we enhance the image and working environment of our clients businesses.

Our Guiding Principles

Always to put quality first

We believe in the principle of maximising the quality of every aspect of our service. All of our policies and operating practices are designed to meet the highest possible specifications, from the cleaning products and equipment we use, to the in-depth training of our staff.

We aim to instill a ‘quality first’ culture in our managers and this cascades down through the company until it is finally reflected in the standard of service enjoyed by our clients.

To treat our customers and staff with respect

We know that without our cleaning staff, we couldn’t exist. So we afford our employees a high degree of respect and sensitivity. In return we expect them to show the same to our customers – and to their customers, should the occasion arise.

This culture of mutual respect has produced staff and client retention rates that are among the best in our industry.

To be a watchword for reliability

The key to our success is neither complicated nor mysterious: we say what we’re going to do, and then we do it. It may be a simple formula, but in our industry it is perhaps less common than it ought to be.

To support and inspire our people

An outstanding workforce is inspired by the vision and commitment of its managers. Our customers are quick to acknowledge that our ‘quality first’ culture and our passion for our work cascades down to our front-line operatives.

To conduct our business with integrity

Trust and integrity are the cornerstones of any relationship and form the basis of lasting success. These values are central to every member of our team and paramount in all we do.

We hire only people who make a heartfelt commitment to doing a great job – who take pride in their work and are prepared, when the occasion demands, to go beyond the call of duty.

By the very nature of their work, our staff occupy positions of trust in our clients’ establishments. You can rely entirely upon the personal honesty of everyone we employ.

To focus consistently on our customers. And finally, to fulfil a contract to the letter is only the start, the basic minimum. We are only satisfied when we exceed our customer’s expectations and provide a truly outstanding service.