Our Promise

Our Promise to Your Business

1. Fully Managed Service

Our aim is to enable our customers to concentrate on their business, safe in the knowledge that their cleaning contract is running smoothly and the cleaners are being managed well.

A good management team alongside efficient systems and procedures is necessary to provide an excellent service. Good Communication is key!

As well as regular quality audits, we provide a daily communication log book which is left on site and designed to help customers communicate directly with the cleaning staff. This is especially useful if the cleaning is performed outside of working hours. Communication is a two way process; the log book also allows our cleaners to let the customer know about anything which may need to be brought to their attention.

Our operations team ‘in the field’ is underpinned by a strong head office team who provide customers with additional support when needed.

Our fully managed cleaning service commences as soon as a company chooses Momentum FM as their service provider. Customers are kept up to date with preparations for the hand over from the outgoing contractor (if relevant) and the Momentum FM operations team will be introduced at a walk-thru with our sales person. We will then introduce the cleaning schedule to all staff members to make sure that the customers cleaning requirements are fully understood. Training of new staff takes place on site and all cleaning operatives receive full induction training, irrespective of their previous experience.

We regularly monitor and assess the standard of work delivered by the cleaning operatives and any re-training required is actioned immediately. The result of every cleaning audit is received by our office management who ensure that any issues are resolved appropriately, keeping the customer up to date at all times. By providing a fully managed cleaning service, every Momentum FM customer receives the personal attention they deserve from their cleaning company.

2. Motivated Cleaning Team

A hard-working and efficient cleaning team is vital to providing a super service to our customers, ensuring they are satisfied. We recognise that having a team of motivated employees is of the upmost importance and with over 50 cleaning operatives and a strong head office team, we strive to make sure that every employee feels valued.

Company meetings are a regular event for our teams. These gatherings are not only for training purposes, but a place for employees to give feedback and ideas on how we can improve and progress. Individual performance is recognised; staff are nurtured and rewarded – leading to the whole team feeling appreciated and happy in their roles.

3. Continual Improvement

We are committed to making continual improvements to our business.

To maintain our high-quality, professional cleaning standards, a willingness to evolve and make continual improvements to every area of the business, is essential.

From the cleaning products we supply, to the business and technology processes we implement, Momentum FM is always looking to set the standard for the contract cleaning industry.